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Classes accommodate various levels of experience, goals, ages, and physical abilities. Each class begins with breath (pranayama) and stretching exercises, provides a series or flow of postures (asanas) and finishes in relaxation/meditation. Classes are guided with personalized, encouraging instruction. Come to class on time and well-hydrated; follow studio etiquette and wear comfortable exercise apparel. Mats, props, cushions, and water are provided. Contact us if you need advice on which class is best for you. Welcome!

Vinyasa: Posture flows of swift movement with breath for total body conditioning and intensity of practice. Fluid sequencing combine hand/arm balances, backward bends, core, inversions, lunges and endurance holds. Build strength, flexibility, body awareness, and knowledge of asana. Prior yoga experience required.

Moderate: Pranayama (breath) and asana (postures) for strength, flexibility and awareness include balance, core, twists, holds, inversions, backbends, and hip openers in a moderate pace. Morning Moderate to arise and shine! Gently awaken and enliven body, mind and energy! All levels, yoga experience suggested.

Gentle: Foundational and restorative postures and relaxing breath techniques. Release muscle tensions and joint stiffness, gain flexibility, strengthen gently. Ends in guided relaxation to center and calm the mind. Perfect for stress-relief, stretching away tightness, and being at peace in yourself. Great for beginners, injury recovery, and pre-natal. All levels.


Experience the instruction of certified, skilled and inspiring teachers who are committed to yoga and a lifestyle of wellness.

Marilee Marrinan began practicing yoga and meditation in the 1970s and has been deeply inspired by it. She began teaching group classes in the early 1980s to both children and adults. Over the decades of studying and teaching yoga, Marilee has trained in various styles of Hatha yoga and is most influenced by Sivananda and Kripalu. She leads a powerfully healing and insightful class. Marilee is also a highly certified holistic health practitioner and has been in practice for 20 years. Click here for more information.

Lydia Lobozzo received her yoga teacher certification from CorePowerYoga in Denver, Colorado. She sees yoga as a way to find confidence and calm that reaches beyond the mat and can give us all a little extra momentum and lightness of living. She leads a Vinyasa style of yoga for combined enjoyment & challenge in the practice, and designs her classes to build integral strength and ease in body and mind. Lydia is drawn to vinyasa yoga for its creative movement and fluidity, as well as its emphasis on breath. Lydia believes in the power of intention and precision to lead us into a transformative and liberating practice, and encourages students to bring their unique hearts and bodies to their yoga mats. Yoga is for Lydia a gift of healing and discovery, and she wishes to share it with love!

Amanda Jacobsen came to yoga as an art student seeking a way to relieve stress and stay in shape. What she found was a transformational practice that not only shaped her body, but opened her spirit to a new kind of joy -- she seeks to guide her students to receive those gifts that yoga offers. Amanda is a Kripalu certified instructor whose style of teaching radiates gentleness and heart, allowing students to come to a deeper place on their journey of yoga in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. She also has the honor of teaching young yogis at Catholic Charities as volunteer to bring the same gifts of yoga to every age! Amanda joined Sanctuary Studio in June of 2009 and brings a spiritually-aligned perspective to her posture sequences.

Nancy Bradshaw’s yogic path began with a self taught practice of the Sivananda 12 posture series. That was almost 20 ago. Since then, she has experienced and practiced several styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa, Power, Anusara, and Kundalini. She was certified in 2004 with training that encompasses several types of yoga, with a focus on Iyengar form and alignment. In most recent years, her teaching style has focused in Vinyasa and blending the many styles she has studied. She continues to evolve on her path of yoga by maintaining a home practice, attending workshops and classes, and networking with other practitioners.

Marit Wilson grew up in Portland and loves the state of Maine. She received her 200 Hour Teaching Certification from the Kripalu Institute. Coming from a dance background, she enjoys exploring the beautiful complexities of the human body. The body has grace, intuition, sensitivity, and intelligence, of which the brain is just one organ. We practice yoga to consciously integrate the whole being. The beauty is in the practice. We do not seek to become whole, we seek to realize our wholeness.

Erinn Cayehal blends various traditions of yoga practice for unique classes of creative sequencing that encourages students to open and discover personal depths of practice. She is a certified Kripalu teacher, and has completed various additional trainings in Anusara and Vinyassa styles of teaching. She brings energy and clear, descriptive language to demonstrations and hands-on assists. Erinn was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a child, and the practice continues to be a healing, balancing, and strengthening component of her daily lifestyle. Erinn feels that offering this transformational practice to others is a joy and honor. She is the Director of the Sanctuary Yoga Program, and welcomes you to contact her with any questions, feedback, or thoughts.

Private instruction is an excellent approach to beginning or deepening yoga practice or Pilates training. Benefit from one-on-one guidance and instruction to focus on your personal needs or goals. There are many applications for Yoga when practiced in a personalized approach, and your instructor will customize your lesson to you.

For a BEGINNER student, a private lesson is a comfortable introduction to learning postures or movement in order to maximize on class experience. Learn the foundations of techniques and alignment with customized attention to your personal needs.

Recovering from an INJURY or managing CHRONIC CONDITIONS can be assisted through the therapeutic and healing benefits of personalized one-on-one yoga sessions.

If you are an EXPERIENCED or INTERMEDIATE yoga practitioner, private lessons are an effective way to expand and enhance your practice.

For ATHLETES, yoga augments your training or exercise routines to enhance skills of balance, endurance, state-of-mind, confidence, flexibility, and breathing. You’ll see noticeable improvement in your athletic performance.

Private instruction or training can be a single session or a weekly session. Create a personal routine for a home practice or simply benefit from the individualized instruction.

Scheduled at your convenience; appointments available by request. To schedule, contact Yoga Program Director by email or call 846-1162 ext. 3.


60 minute Lesson - Single Student: 90 minute Lesson - Single Student:

single lesson: $85.

set of 4 lessons: $295 (savings of $45)

set of 8 lessons: $560 (savings of $85, or 1 lesson free)

* For private group instruction, add $10 per student per class.